Tag: Worship

More Than Music

I’m driving along, singing loudly with one of my favorite songs, when I hear a little voice rise from the back seat. I turn the music down and glance in my rear view mirror as I ask her to repeat herself. “I was asking you what this song […]

In Light of the Truth

I sat in the tiny chapel for the second night in a row.  I was hoping for a special Word for my heart alone but feared that it had already come and, unbeknownst to me, had slipped past unnoticed. Retreats are always like that for me. I come […]

Clouds Overhead

Her escape from her dorm room was like an escape from prison. She had been working…striving…slaving over work that was immensely important and yet completely pointless all at once. She knew if she stayed inside a minute longer she would suffocate. And so she left, ignoring the confused […]