Tag: Why I Write

The Unexpected (Ad)Venture

I’ve recently begun something I never – ever, in a million years – thought I’d do. In fact, if you had asked me point blank even a few months ago to become a consultant for a direct sale company, I’d have furrowed my eyebrows, shaken my head as […]

When You Lose Your Voice

When I was little, I had a friend who…well, let’s just say she had an intense desire for things that belonged to other people, and she was quick to make those things her own if given the chance. On several occasions she had been accused of stealing things […]

In Pursuit

We’re in a series at my (awesome) church right now called “The Big Picture,” and we’re exploring the idea of God’s will for our lives. We’ve been saying how so often we act like God’s will is something far out there for us to search for…unearth…discover, but the […]

Ways Along the Way

When I was in kindergarten, we lived just a few blocks from the school. Every morning, after filling my little belly with rolled eggs (the rest of the world calls them omelets) and taming my thick hair into a top-knot ponytail, my mom would load my sister and […]


A couple of weeks ago my daughter’s teacher sent home a plastic ziplock baggy with two beans in it. The beans represented hours of anticipation on behalf of her preschool class, as they watched and waited for the two beans to show signs of life. Finally, roots sprung […]

In Light of the Truth

I sat in the tiny chapel for the second night in a row.  I was hoping for a special Word for my heart alone but feared that it had already come and, unbeknownst to me, had slipped past unnoticed. Retreats are always like that for me. I come […]

Learning to Jump

When my daughter was a little over a year old, she decided that it was time to learn to jump.  She had been walking – and doing something that vaguely resembled running – for a couple of months, but she had never taken the leap, per se, to […]

Days Like This

It’s one of those days. One of those days when “need to” clashes violently with “don’t feel like it,” and “want to” is not at all the same as “have to.”  When my spirit feels weighed down and lethargic.  When tears press behind my eyes, and the only […]


On a cold Saturday morning, my little family joined my larger church family for a worship gathering on the land God recently allowed us to purchase.  It was special in a lot of ways, not the least of which being that my daughter was able to stay with […]