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Clouds Overhead

Her escape from her dorm room was like an escape from prison. She had been working…striving…slaving over work that was immensely important and yet completely pointless all at once. She knew if she stayed inside a minute longer she would suffocate. And so she left, ignoring the confused […]

Knowing the Writer

My husband is my best friend. We have been married for upwards of seven years (!), and with every day that passes I become more aware of God’s hand at work in bringing us together. Our love story is a special one, and recounting the earliest days of […]


As I drove out of the parking lot, something seemed wrong.  I didn’t quite feel right somehow, though I didn’t know why.  I headed toward the jewelry store, where I planned to sell some old neglected pieces of silver from the bottom of my jewelry box.  As I […]

Five Minute Friday: Bare

I’m linking up for the very first time with 5-Minute Friday, hosted by the fabulous Lisa-Jo Baker.  It’s a challenge to write for 5 minutes and 5 minutes only, solely for the sake of writing.  Not for perfection.  Not for impact.  Not for anything but the love of […]

Finding My Voice

I wrote yesterday about my lifelong love of writing, and how it has evolved to where I am today. It’s part of a dream I have…a wild and crazy dream that I believe with all my heart has been embedded into me by no one but my Creator. […]

On The Horizon

Honestly, I had forgotten about  it until this morning.  I picked up my purse, the strap pressing hard on the bruised knot on my hand.  It’s not as swollen now as it was, but when I felt the twinge I looked and realized it’s moved into that ugly […]

For What Is Required

I saw her as soon as I walked in this morning.  I, my computer bag on my shoulder and many plans for my morning on my mind; she, washcloth and tray in hand and the ever present smile on her face. “Good morning!  It’s good to see you!” […]

Alone Together

If you’ve “known” me long, you know that depression and anxiety is an undeniable part of my journey.  It comes and goes, yes, in seasons that arrive as unexpectedly and as forcefully as a preschooler’s tantrum.  (Honestly, sometimes it feels more than a little like that, too.)  The […]

For My Daughter

I’ve been writing letters to my daughter since she was born.  They are in a nicely-bound book on a shelf, ready for her to read one day when she is much older and will appreciate the open window into her mother’s mind.  Most of them are private, but […]