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A Treacherous Idol

I loved my fourth grade teacher. Mrs. Harris was funny and kind and so smart. She was tall and beautiful and always wore trendy clothes – always looked, to me, more like a model than the teacher of multiplication tables and the scientific method. So when word got […]

When You Lose Your Voice

When I was little, I had a friend who…well, let’s just say she had an intense desire for things that belonged to other people, and she was quick to make those things her own if given the chance. On several occasions she had been accused of stealing things […]

To My Free-Spirited Daughter

Dear Jennifer, Honey, I’m proud of you.  Do you know that?  Do you really know that?  Because I am so very proud of you and it’s important to me that you know that. I’m proud of you for the obvious things, of course, like how you’re learning to […]


It had bothered her for years.  The spot on the wall, a fist-sized crescent, the sole remaining reminder of a particularly bad episode of panic.  When she closed her eyes, she remembered it well: the anger, the tears, the pain when her fist met the wall.  At the […]

Five Minute Friday: Beloved

I’m linking up again today with 5-Minute Friday, hosted by the fabulous Lisa-Jo Baker.  It’s a challenge to write for 5 minutes and 5 minutes only, solely for the sake of writing.  Not for perfection.  Not for impact.  Not for anything but the love of writing.  Today’s prompt?  […]

Not Like Me

I dropped her off at school this morning wearing an orange skirt and a blue shirt.  Her ponytail was tied back with an orange and green curly-cue ribbon.  As I did her hair this morning, wrestling with her still baby-fine hair that was rumpled from preschool slumber, she […]