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In Defense of the Big Picture

She said it was okay, but it wasn’t. She said she forgave me, but I couldn’t forgive myself. She never seemed to give it another thought, but it was enough to keep me awake that night. It had been “tacky night” at our church’s nighttime kids’ ministry, but […]

On Dying

I originally posted this a year or so ago, and noticing the changes of fall starting to happen around me, I thought I’d post it again. Look for the beauty, friends, and appreciate what is really happening.   “You make life worth living You make me want to […]

Love Idol: A Guest Post!

“Whereas people thought they were complimenting me, they were feeding my addiction. I was flying high on their approval, and as long as my efforts paid off, I would continue in my relentless pursuit. Eventually, the comments I got from other people became my own identity, and I […]