Tag: Sacrifice

The Beauty and The Mess

They captivate me.  Glimmering golden alongside the road, making the most ordinary of routes feel like a wondrous journey. Wildflowers budding and blooming anew, proclaiming spring’s arrival even if the wind still blows cold.   They draw me in every year. Their blooms call to something in my […]

When Love Stoops Down

It’s been pretty clear to us since my daughter learned to walk that she has hoarder tendencies. From the time she coordinated her eyes and her hands and learned to close her fingers around things, she has always been clutching something in her little fists. When she was […]

Our Deepest Need

I recently heard about an elementary school trend moving across the country. A little boy in Pennsylvania apparently saw other children at his school missing out on fun at recess because they didn’t have anyone to play with. For one reason or another, they sat alone rather than […]

To Show Our Love

I didn’t know what to think about it then, and I’m not sure what to think about it now. He sat on the sidewalk outside the store, the narrow awning doing little to shield him from the misty rain. A half-burnt cigarette dangled from his dirty fingers; a […]

In Death

“You make life worth living You make me want to start giving More and more away to you It’s not mine anyway.” (J.J. Heller, “Not Mine Anyway”) Fall is my favorite time of year.  There is just something in the air that breathes new life into my spirit.  […]

He took my place.

I originally posted this story back in January of 2010, when my daughter was a little over a year old.  It was powerful to me then, and remains so every time I think of it now.  I hope it speaks to something in you today. ______________________________ I had […]