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The Unexpected (Ad)Venture

I’ve recently begun something I never – ever, in a million years – thought I’d do. In fact, if you had asked me point blank even a few months ago to become a consultant for a direct sale company, I’d have furrowed my eyebrows, shaken my head as […]

To Bring Them Back

I cannot imagine. I can’t imagine sending my daughter to school, just like any other day, and later learning that something horrific had happened. I can’t imagine hearing that she – and all of her classmates – had been abducted, “guilty” of nothing other than going to school. […]


Every so often, I link up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, a community of writers who get together and write for five minutes and five minutes ONLY on the prompt for the week.  No editing…no planning…no corrections.  Just love for the written word and the satisfaction of […]


Lately, it has begun the minute I get up in the morning.  I turn on my iPod for background music as I wipe away the bleary-eyed remnants of sleep, attempting to get my head and my thoughts in the right place.  It’s worship music – instrumental or vocal […]

A Bag of Tools

Bedtime, I think, is one of the most challenging times a parent can face.  I’ve jokingly said that it would be a lot easier to handle if it didn’t come at the very end of the day, when everyone is exhausted and at the point of just trying […]