Tag: New Testament

We Will Follow

If spoken words can have flashing lights, these did. And if they can come at a person like blazing darts, these did just that. “We are all disciples of something,” he said. “Whether we’re following Jesus or not, we’re all disciples.” And for a few minutes, I retreated […]

About the Justin Thing

When I heard on the news this morning that Justin Bieber had been arrested, I was glad. I know that sounds terrible, but let me explain. In our culture, we are constantly elevating young people to ridiculous star statuses, putting them in positions for which their youth and […]

Outside the Grief Bubble

As I walked the aisles of the grocery store yesterday, trying to restock our pitiful pantry, I couldn’t hold back the stray tears that kept sneaking out. Here and there, with no apparent triggers, I would suddenly need to cry and, because people just don’t *do* that in […]

The Meaning in the Mess

We decorated our house for Christmas yesterday. On one hand, I was ready. Seeing everyone else’s decorations and lights and trees caused some holiday-induced envy, and it was time, after all. Christmas is just a few weeks away. If I had really been in control of things, though, […]

When All Is Washed Away

On our second trip out onto the beach that day, she made the inevitable discovery that the sand castle she and her daddy had worked so hard to build had disappeared. She walked in circles around the spot where it should have been, the question flashing in her […]