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When Love Stoops Down

It’s been pretty clear to us since my daughter learned to walk that she has hoarder tendencies. From the time she coordinated her eyes and her hands and learned to close her fingers around things, she has always been clutching something in her little fists. When she was […]

Going To Battle

Hello, friends – I hope you are well, and that your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with joy and light and laughter. Laughter is such medicine to weary hearts and souls, and I think so much of what ails our spirits would be healed if we found time and […]

For Times Like These

I had a nightmare the other night that my daughter had contracted Ebola at school. Apparently when my mind stopped its survival-mode churning of the day (“wash the dishes do the laundry where are her shoes can’t find my keys why won’t the cat stop shrieking”), my real feelings on […]

Between The Pages

When my Grandpa got sick a couple of years ago, my sisters and parents and aunts and uncles and I all began the bittersweet task of sorting through his things. He was very insistent that we take what we wanted of his extensive book collection, and he wanted […]

What It Means To Follow

I can’t do this on my own strength, and when I try, it is disastrous. Anger and harsh words and unloving attitudes and slammed doors. I lose my temper and I lose her heart and I lose my bearings on this whole Christ-centered life. I can’t do this on my own because these are situations I’ve never faced before. I can’t do this on my own because I don’t know what’s going on in her heart. I can’t do this on my own because my fuse is too short and my expectations are too high. I can’t do this on my own because when I try, I get too angry too quickly and everything is catastrophic. In my hands, things fall apart. In His hands, everything comes together.

On Dying

I originally posted this a year or so ago, and noticing the changes of fall starting to happen around me, I thought I’d post it again. Look for the beauty, friends, and appreciate what is really happening.   “You make life worth living You make me want to […]

Grace, Freely Given

The first day of school, she climbed into the back seat with her oversized (yet floppy with emptiness) pink backpack.

“They said our name weird! I didn’t know it was MY NAME they were saying!”

I smiled and kind of chuckled as I told her, “Yeeeeah, sweetie…..that’s going to happen.”

Every Good Thing

It was supposed to be our errand-running day before she started school. We had places to go and things to do, and I had planned on taking full advantage of the entire day by leaving the house early to get everything done. The night before, I had laid […]

Through It All

It’s one of those days. I just dropped my little girl off for her last day of preschool. Her last day. As in, the next time I take her to school, she’ll be in kindergarten. At an elementary school. For eight-ish hours in the same building as twelve […]