Tag: Motherhood

Days of Grace

Some nights it’s all I can do to make it downstairs before I cry. Some days are so much longer than my patience…so much tougher than my spirit…so much harder than I dreamed. Sometimes I can’t bear the thought of another day, let alone twelve-ish more years of […]

When Love Stoops Down

It’s been pretty clear to us since my daughter learned to walk that she has hoarder tendencies. From the time she coordinated her eyes and her hands and learned to close her fingers around things, she has always been clutching something in her little fists. When she was […]

Going To Battle

Hello, friends – I hope you are well, and that your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with joy and light and laughter. Laughter is such medicine to weary hearts and souls, and I think so much of what ails our spirits would be healed if we found time and […]