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My Little Piece of the Puzzle

I mentioned recently that I’m starting some new blogging endeavors, and said that I would tell you more about that soon. It’s all still kind of gelling together in my mind, and I’m still not exactly certain where I’m going or what I’m doing. But here’s the thing: When […]

The Mission Of Home

It had been five days. Five days since I had gone through the motions of our normal routine, and five days since I had been by myself to write and read and simply breathe. We were on day five of a nasty stomach virus that had seized my […]


A couple of weeks ago my daughter’s teacher sent home a plastic ziplock baggy with two beans in it. The beans represented hours of anticipation on behalf of her preschool class, as they watched and waited for the two beans to show signs of life. Finally, roots sprung […]

Sleep In Peace

This is another of the posts I wrote during my last trip to Belize.  If you would like to read more about my experiences in Central America, you may click here.   Yesterday we had the privilege of serving alongside our Belizean friends. During our week together, we […]

At The River

This is Ingrid. If you’ve been visiting me here for long at all, you’ve probably already seen her sweet face in other posts I’ve written about my mission experiences in Belize.  Over the past two years, something about this sweet girl has struck a particularly strong chord in […]

37,000 Feet

Since I just got back from my fourth trip to Belize, I have a lot of things to process.  The next few posts will likely be focused on my thoughts and experiences from this trip.  This post, in particular, was written on the trip itself. I am writing […]


This post is another in a series I’m writing about the relationships I’ve formed during three mission experiences in Belize.  To read more in this series, you may click here. Allison is three.  I think she’s the youngest one I’ve connected with in Belize;  my connection to her […]

Mrs. Rash

This post is part of a series of posts I’m working on about the relationships I, and other members of our team, have developed over the course of three mission experiences in Belize.  To read more about these relationships, click here. Our team first met Mrs. Rash in […]