Tag: Lenten Journey 2015

The Rescuer and the Resued

A video came across my newsfeed recently of an elephant calf being swept downstream while her herd was attempting to cross a river. She lost her footing and before anyone realized what was happening, the muddy water overtook her. You could barely see the top of her head […]

Creativity Defined

The creativity of God knows no limits. I believe that He is One who sees what we perceive to be impossible situations and says, “I can work with that.” I believe He is One who sees things that appear to be dead ends and says, “Well, that’s a […]

The Cross I Bear

Throughout the season of Lent, I’ve felt led this year to reflect in depth on the things God has done in my life. Easter is about all of us – collectively, the Body of Christ – being rescued, but it’s too easy for us sometimes to remove the […]

The Sting of Memory

The human memory is a funny thing. We can’t remember where we put our keys or the name of that lady who sits in the next row at church every week, but random moments from our past are burned into our memory banks and never leave. Those memories […]

When God Got My Attention

During my junior year of college, in the spring of 2002, I spent a semester studying in Spain. It was a practical choice for someone with an international studies/cultural studies/Spanish major. It made sense for someone who wanted to one day work for an international non-governmental organization. By […]