Tag: Lenten Journey 2014

Love Idol: A Guest Post!

“Whereas people thought they were complimenting me, they were feeding my addiction. I was flying high on their approval, and as long as my efforts paid off, I would continue in my relentless pursuit. Eventually, the comments I got from other people became my own identity, and I […]

We Will Follow

If spoken words can have flashing lights, these did. And if they can come at a person like blazing darts, these did just that. “We are all disciples of something,” he said. “Whether we’re following Jesus or not, we’re all disciples.” And for a few minutes, I retreated […]


Our region of the country suffered the worst ice storm in years just last month. The disarmingly beautiful ice sheaths encased everything that stood still, creating a wonderland reminiscent of something created in the Disney studios. Unfortunately, as we have learned anew and will not soon forget, ice […]