Tag: Intentional Living


Our region of the country suffered the worst ice storm in years just last month. The disarmingly beautiful ice sheaths encased everything that stood still, creating a wonderland reminiscent of something created in the Disney studios. Unfortunately, as we have learned anew and will not soon forget, ice […]

Outside the Grief Bubble

As I walked the aisles of the grocery store yesterday, trying to restock our pitiful pantry, I couldn’t hold back the stray tears that kept sneaking out. Here and there, with no apparent triggers, I would suddenly need to cry and, because people just don’t *do* that in […]

Little Moments

I stand in the sun outside the car. I check my phone, and sure enough: the minutes until church starts are dwindling to nothing. The heat bounces off the parking lot and reflects off the car until my face is damp with sweat. “Come ON, sweetheart. We have […]

Ways Along the Way

When I was in kindergarten, we lived just a few blocks from the school. Every morning, after filling my little belly with rolled eggs (the rest of the world calls them omelets) and taming my thick hair into a top-knot ponytail, my mom would load my sister and […]

Little Things

My little girl is sick, so we’re homebound today for the second day in a row. On days like this, I tend to crave something bigger – something to break the monotony – something to change things up and make life more interesting. I – and maybe you, […]

More Than Music

I’m driving along, singing loudly with one of my favorite songs, when I hear a little voice rise from the back seat. I turn the music down and glance in my rear view mirror as I ask her to repeat herself. “I was asking you what this song […]