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Snapshots of Life

For over two years, I have kept the tradition of taking a picture a day – just one picture – that represents my day. I take the snapshot on my phone, and – using the marvelous Rhonna app – add text to explain that day’s picture. I finish […]

Praying For Our Families || Day 2

Prayer Focus: Filling of the Holy Spirit Central Scripture:  “You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Holy Spirit of God, if the Spirit of God lives in you.” (Romans 8:9) Prayer: Heavenly Father, this morning I come on behalf of my family, confessing […]

Going To Battle

Hello, friends – I hope you are well, and that your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with joy and light and laughter. Laughter is such medicine to weary hearts and souls, and I think so much of what ails our spirits would be healed if we found time and […]

What It Means To Follow

I can’t do this on my own strength, and when I try, it is disastrous. Anger and harsh words and unloving attitudes and slammed doors. I lose my temper and I lose her heart and I lose my bearings on this whole Christ-centered life. I can’t do this on my own because these are situations I’ve never faced before. I can’t do this on my own because I don’t know what’s going on in her heart. I can’t do this on my own because my fuse is too short and my expectations are too high. I can’t do this on my own because when I try, I get too angry too quickly and everything is catastrophic. In my hands, things fall apart. In His hands, everything comes together.