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Praying For Our Families || Day 31

Prayer Focus: Gratitude and Thankfulness Central Scripture: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” (Psalm 136:1) Prayer: Gracious Father, You have given me so much from the generosity of Your hands. You have poured out blessing upon blessing, not because I have earned or deserve it, […]

The Rescuer and the Resued

A video came across my newsfeed recently of an elephant calf being swept downstream while her herd was attempting to cross a river. She lost her footing and before anyone realized what was happening, the muddy water overtook her. You could barely see the top of her head […]

Little Things

My little girl is sick, so we’re homebound today for the second day in a row. On days like this, I tend to crave something bigger – something to break the monotony – something to change things up and make life more interesting. I – and maybe you, […]


It had bothered her for years.  The spot on the wall, a fist-sized crescent, the sole remaining reminder of a particularly bad episode of panic.  When she closed her eyes, she remembered it well: the anger, the tears, the pain when her fist met the wall.  At the […]


On her birthday morning, I woke her up by singing “Happy birthday.” She stirred, ever so slightly, and then pushed the blanket down off of her face.  Before her eyes even opened to the sunlight, a smile lit up her face. Gift #1. Birthday pancakes and singing.  A […]

At The River

This is Ingrid. If you’ve been visiting me here for long at all, you’ve probably already seen her sweet face in other posts I’ve written about my mission experiences in Belize.  Over the past two years, something about this sweet girl has struck a particularly strong chord in […]