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On her birthday morning, I woke her up by singing “Happy birthday.” She stirred, ever so slightly, and then pushed the blanket down off of her face.  Before her eyes even opened to the sunlight, a smile lit up her face. Gift #1. Birthday pancakes and singing.  A […]

Once and Again

It had really been a very sweet evening until that point. We had gone through the routine: brushing teeth, bath time, back into her room for jammies, story time, and prayers. The same as every night, and it was going smoothly. Out of nowhere, though, she said something […]

Wax Nostalgic

Driving down the road this morning, I saw a license plate from a county I’d never heard of prior to my freshman year of college.  My friend Sarah was from Dallas; not knowing there was a tiny town in northwest Georgia by that name, I assumed she had […]

Friendly Fire

An early morning news show yesterday morning had me huffing and “tsk”ing at the screen the same way I’ve seen men scream and shout at football games.  The story I was watching wasn’t particularly controversial.  It wasn’t about politics or religion.  It didn’t attack me, and it didn’t […]

The Most Important Post

One thing I’ve learned as the mother of an inquisitive three year old is that if I am going to do something, I should have a real reason why I’m doing it. I need to live intentionally. I need to be able to offer an explanation for anything […]


I wrote this post after reflecting for awhile on a friendship I got to watch develop while I was in Belize.  One of our team members blew my mind and inspired me with her fantastic grace and unconditional love for one of society’s forgotten children, and I haven’t […]

With Fear and Trembling

Fear. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to run from it – telling myself that my fears are unjustified and even imagined.  I’ve seen counselors and doctors.  I’ve cried many, many tears and hidden in too many dark rooms because of fear.  I’ve missed out on […]

What is Sown

(Originally posted in August 2011.  Once I get over the cold that has seized my life, perhaps I’ll have more original thoughts to convey…) This morning on the news, I heard that NASA has launched an unmanned spacecraft destined for Jupiter. This craft…it will fly for 5 years […]

A Glimpse Beyond

Sometimes when I’m watching my daughter, I get a glimpse of some other Jennifer…an older Jennifer, who is more developed and mature and grown.  It is like a glimpse into the future, or like I am peeking into the window of something I’m not supposed to see yet.  […]