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But For The Grace of God?

I’ve always been open about my struggle with depression, generalized anxiety, and panic disorder. I don’t keep it a secret, mainly because it doesn’t do me any good to hold it in and it doesn’t do you any good if I act like I don’t have any problems. […]

The Messiest of Beginnings

This past New Year’s Eve I found myself, once again, incredulously staring a new year in the face. My news feed was inundated with year-end reviews and predictions for the new year. Friends had selected (and found time to write about!) their “words of the year,” and I saw […]

Today and Tomorrow

We’re nearly three months into the school year, and I still feel like I’m pretending. We’ve gone from the blistering heat of August to the cool, leaf-blowing breezes of October, and I still don’t feel like this is real. For ten weeks now I’ve driven the same road […]

Through It All

It’s one of those days. I just dropped my little girl off for her last day of preschool. Her last day. As in, the next time I take her to school, she’ll be in kindergarten. At an elementary school. For eight-ish hours in the same building as twelve […]

In Death

“You make life worth living You make me want to start giving More and more away to you It’s not mine anyway.” (J.J. Heller, “Not Mine Anyway”) Fall is my favorite time of year.  There is just something in the air that breathes new life into my spirit.  […]

Blurred Vision

I got new glasses today. I’ve worn glasses since third grade, when my teacher told my parents that she didn’t think I could see the board and the overhead and everything else at the front of the room.  Over twenty years later, I am still impressed that she […]