Tag: Challenges

Our Deepest Need

I recently heard about an elementary school trend moving across the country. A little boy in Pennsylvania apparently saw other children at his school missing out on fun at recess because they didn’t have anyone to play with. For one reason or another, they sat alone rather than […]

Every Good Thing

It was supposed to be our errand-running day before she started school. We had places to go and things to do, and I had planned on taking full advantage of the entire day by leaving the house early to get everything done. The night before, I had laid […]

When They Must Fly

I don’t know quite how I’m supposed to feel today. And to be honest, I’m not sure how I actually do feel. I took my little girl for her first day of kindergarten this morning, and ever since the moment of her walking away – enormous backpack strapped […]

Through It All

It’s one of those days. I just dropped my little girl off for her last day of preschool. Her last day. As in, the next time I take her to school, she’ll be in kindergarten. At an elementary school. For eight-ish hours in the same building as twelve […]