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In Memory of Jasmine

“Maybe the reason for the world is to make us long for home.” ~Matthew West This is Jasmine.  She was – IS – a beautiful little girl from my church community who earned her angel wings last weekend after a long struggle with cancer.  She was only 2 […]


I originally published this post in November 2009, when my daughter was just beginning to walk.  I watched her, and God spoke to me. ________________________________________________________ One of the hardest things about Jennifer’s new mobility is the constant fear that she’s going to hurt herself. I know she’s going to […]

A New Song

This post was originally written in July 2010.  Sadly, it’s still something I struggle with.  I needed this reminder today, so maybe it will help you, too. ___________________________________________________ It’s no secret that I struggle with comparing myself to other people. My hair, my clothes, my house, my car, […]


I originally published this post back in November of 2009.  Things in our lives have evolved since then…as has our annual fall invasion of ants.  We’ve been battling them intensely once again this week, so I thought this was an appropriate repost. ___________________________________________________ Recently, my house has been […]