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I am Jessica Smith Bolyard, a writer and speaker from Augusta, Georgia.

I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and through my relationship with Him have learned that He is present and working in every moment of every day.  He lovingly pursues us, striving to get our attention in the everyday moments of our lives.  All too often, though, life itself gets in the way.  Work, family, errands, and all-around busy-ness prevent us from experiencing all He has for us.

Through my blog, I aim to help others – especially women – see God’s presence in those easily overlooked moments of life. In addition, because of my own experiences, I have a heart for those who are struggling under the weight of depression and anxiety.  I enjoy sharing my own story with transparency and authenticity to help others in their journey.

My prayer is that everyone who seeks to know God better would be equipped to do so, both by the power of the Holy Spirit and by other believers who are living within their giftings.  When that happens, we will all begin to see life through the eyes of the One who created it, and our time here on earth will be more as it was supposed to be.  I consider it an honor to be even a small part of what God is accomplishing in the world and in His people.


Photography credits on my home page header, the “About” page, and the “Speaking” page go to Jessica V. of Jessica V. Photography.

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