Something Brand New

I am so excited.

When I started my 31-day series back in October, I had the idea that it would make a good devotional eBook when I finished. That became my driving force as I went through the month; I told myself that if I did the bulk of the work then, all I would have to do is compile it into one document later.

I did all 31 days, and now I have a brand new eBook to share with you!

Truth be told, it took a lot more that just compiling it into one document (as these things often do when I’m trying to figure it out on my own). There was a lot of experimenting and frustration and, ultimately, a realization that I had (not surprisingly) made things a lot harder on myself than I had to. Yeah. I do that a lot.

In any case, here it is!

You can simply click on the image to download the PDF! And if you’re new to this kind of thing (as I am!) you can also open it in your Kindle or on your iPad.

I’m really excited to be able to offer this to you. My thought is that it can become a tool for praying daily for your family, and that you can use it every month as a guide for your prayers. However often you choose to go through it, I continue to hope and pray that it will bless you and your family.

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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