Everyday Faith

Into Deeper Waters: Pause To Remember

My eyes brimmed with tears, and I struggled to focus on the computer screen in front of me. I lifted my hands from the keyboard and covered my face, my chest heaving with sobs and emotions pouring forth from the deep recesses of my memory.

I had a speaking engagement the very next day, and God had not-so-subtly informed me that the talk I thought I was to deliver was not what He intended. So it was that less than 24 hours before the women’s ministry gathering, I found myself rewriting my message. Normally that would be okay, but this message….it was more intensely personal than most, and it took me to a place in my mind that I hadn’t visited in awhile. As I typed out my story of depression and anxiety and panic attacks, I was moved by it all again in such a way that it could have happened the day before rather than nine years prior. The feelings of remembrance swelled in me until I couldn’t hold them in any longer; tears and emotions burst forth….


I’m excited to be sharing today at Deeper Waters, a new gathering place for women who seek to go deeper with Christ. To read the rest of this post – a story of growth, change, pain, and redemption – please visit us there. We’d love to welcome you into the circle.

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