Everyday Faith

Love Idol: A Guest Post!

“Whereas people thought they were complimenting me, they were feeding my addiction. I was flying high on their approval, and as long as my efforts paid off, I would continue in my relentless pursuit. Eventually, the comments I got from other people became my own identity, and I saw myself through their eyes instead of through God’s. I knew it had to stop.”



You guys. I just can’t even.

I’m extremely excited to be featured on the blog of my friend Jennifer Lee today, and I hope you’ll come over to visit. To read the rest of my post (from which the above excerpt came) and to read other posts which will inspire and encourage you, please check out her blog at JenniferDukesLee.com. You won’t be sorry – she’s absolutely one of my favorite writers ever. And while you’re at it, I cannot possibly recommend a book more highly than I recommend Love Idol, her book that sparked the whole #PreApproved movement. Check it out.

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