A Story To Tell

Twenty minutes after we tucked her in and clicked the lights off, her tearful voice wavered downstairs.

“Mommy…..I thinked of something bad……”

It was a nearly nightly cry, and I was frustrated by having to fight the same battle yet again. It had been a long day, too; we had both been grumpy and I was desperate for some quiet. Still, I knew too well the power of even the most illogical thoughts once the lights go out. I knew she needed me, and I pushed the pile of mismatched socks off my lap and back into the laundry basket.  Climbing the stairs, I could hear her crying before I was halfway to her room.

“What’s wrong, sweetie? What did you think of?”


To read the rest of this story, please join me over at Next Level Mama, where I am thrilled to be a guest contributor today. Kacey  – the next-level mama herself, is a sweet writer sister of mine with a big heart and a strong passion for raising the next generation for Jesus. To go directly to my post for today, simply click here.




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