Everyday Faith

Weekend Worship (Part 2)


Over the weekends during this series, I want to highlight some of my favorite worship artists and songs.  As we’ll explore later in the series (possibly next week), music is one of the most powerful ways God has given us to worship and experience Him.  That has always been my experience, and I am excited to simply share lyrics, videos, stories, and artists with you that have ushered me into the presence of God. May you also be blessed by the gift of music.

I am a very visual person, and when something helps me visualize something about God, I latch onto it. Sermon illustrations and song lyrics stick with me, and they are what I go back to again and again for reassurance.

When I was first getting to know Jesus as a person, the band Mercy Me was pretty popular. I had a couple of their CDs, and as they looped over and over in my car their songs became a kind of soundtrack to that period of my life.  In particular, the song “The Love Of God” did something powerful in my heart every time I heard it.  It was a very visually descriptive song, which appealed to me, but the description of God’s love in such breathtaking ways rocked my world over and over.

It takes my breath away even today, and I am grateful for that. I think that’s how it should be – that no matter how many years pass, we will always remain breathless at the mention of God’s vast love for us.

This is God’s love for me. This is God’s love for you.

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